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Cabin Fever and Our Local Japanese Garden

I spend all morning filling out mind numbingly boring applications for jobs that I either didn’t really want or for which I really didn’t think I was qualified.   I’ve been doing this for months now and not surprisingly I’ve discovered that you never get used to it.  What I really want to know is why most online applications, and most everyone requires you fill out an online application these days, why they all require you to fill out all your particulars and job history detail each time?  Have these people never heard of a resume?

I have a perfectly good resume.  It’s nicely written, complete and gives a good overview of my talents and skills.  In fact a friend of mine recently spruced it up for me and I think it looks kinds of spiffy.  But nobody want to see it.  What they want is for you sit there and painstakingly enter each little factoid, one after the other over and over while your eyes bleed, your brain petrifies and you become convinced that any of Dante’s Circles would be preferable than doing this one more time.

After way too many hours of what I’m pretty convinced was wasted time I found myself consumed with the desire to get out of the house.  One of the consequences of being unemployed for a significant length of time is that you become hyperaware of spending money.  You get locked into a headspace of poverty thinking and increasingly refuse to spend money on anything because you think you’ll never have enough and you better not spend what you have.  And a consequence of that is the easiest way not to spend any money is not to go anywhere.  So I don’t.  Except for the backyard where I occasionally take my lunch or sit for a bit and read (itself a guilty pleasure because I really should be doing something to find a job damnit!), I rarely take trips out any longer.  So, I sit in the house.  Day after day.  This way I know madness lies.

So today, after leaking gray matter over my desk for several hours I threw caution and a few pennies to the wind and drove over to the Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden on the CSULB Campus.  Certainly not as grand as the Descanso or Huntington gardens it is, none the less, beautifully laid out with a lovely entrance way, tranquil koi ponds, beautiful waterfalls, a charming little tea room (which I think is just for display) and all the requisite greenery arranged in traditional style.  A refreshing respite from onrushing cabin fever.

I did have a little foresight and brought my camera along.


4 Responses

  1. Believe me, I know that feeling. I’m glad you got yourself out into the world for a bit. Beautiful pictures, and a good idea.

    Don’t most of those automated apps (they do it because that’s how their search engines are set up, and it’s still too stupid) have a space at the bottom where you can upload a plain text version of your resume?

    • Some do to be sure but as they usually require you to go through the process first it’s pretty redundant. Actually I know the reason for the tediousness is for their database quarries but it is, as you say, too stupid. Glad you enjoyed the pictures.

  2. Ah, EBM Japanese garden. David and I got married here. I love this place. And yes, perfect when you need to wash out your mind for a bit.

    I’ll be in your shoes soon: I sold my business in order to stay home and raise my son, but he’ll soon be off to preschool and I’ll be in the Job Market. Oh ugh. It’s been–holy crap, almost 20 years since I’ve had to look for a job. And MY resume wont look anywhere near as spiffy as yours does, I’m quite certain.
    I’m depressed now. And it’s too late in the evening to go to the Japanese garden. Glad I have the new Pratchett to go hide in……

    *keeping fingers crossed for you!*

    • Julie, don’t be too hasty to abandon full-time momdom. The years slip passed way too quickly and you can’t get them back. It’s a cliche because it’s true! I spent five years as a stay at home dad with Alexander and although it was hard financially I wouldn’t trade those years for anything and wished I’d held on for more. Alexander is now 13 and moving into this adolescence and though I’m sure his teen years will be exciting I already miss his vanishing childhood. Maybe you could go back into your old biz as an at-home mail order business. Or some other work at home option. Not exactly easy but it’s a thought.

      Thanks for the good wishes…back at ya.

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