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New Tech Give Rise to Global Collaboration

Here’s a pretty amazing world wide collaborative project commemorating Johnny Cash. While I certainly believe the man deserves the accolade as a musical giant I’m rather more impressed with the globe-spanning participation that the Chrome medium allows.

The YouTube Symphony Orchestra was another such project as is the ongoing Playing for Change collaborations recording street musicians playing the same songs with the idea of creating a pastiche of the recordings.

Do you know of any other outstanding examples of collaborative projects that utilize the new internet/web technology? I’d love to know about it.

A unique crowd-sourced music video project honoring the legacy of Johnny Cash.


The Near Future?

Cornings Youtube video “A Day Made of Glass” [http://bit.ly/fcPMTo] has garnered 14 million hits and features the oh-wow-cool factor that Hollywood has brought us as the future of integrated computing. It’s certainly an enticing vision that I’d love to see developed and distributed as soon as possible.

Couple Corniung’s Gorilla Glass with Nsquared’s seamless computing applications and we just may be around the corner from seeing that future implemented.

Very cool stuff.